Learn about the three pillars that guide what we do and provide value to our customers:

Canada Is Our Strength

The roots of our operations in Canada stretch back more than 100 years. We are proud to be the only company that has the ability to source and produce our edible animal fat products – including tallow and lard – entirely within Canada. This matters to our customers because:

  1. We have forged strong partnerships with our suppliers which allows us to ensure they follow sustainable practices in raising their animals.
  2. We source the highest quality raw materials for our edible animal fat ingredients and vegetable oils in order to showcase the best of what Canada has to offer.
  3. We are able to offer full transparency over our manufacturing process and the entire supply chain as a whole.

Clean Label

Many of our customers demand that we produce a clean label product from sustainable sources. We take pride in our ability to deliver on these promises.

  1. Our clean label formulations eliminate or minimize the use of additives that are unwanted by our customers.
  2. We have the expertise to source the highest quality raw materials which allows us to optimize product quality and provide full traceability.
  3. Our animal fats and oils are naturally firm without the need for chemical hydrogenation. This delivers a healthier and more natural product with excellent shelf life.

Private Label Solutions

We help our customers build their brands which are only as strong as the food they are able to create.

  1. We deliver highly customized ingredients that meet our customers’ needs, solve their challenges and improve their finished products.
  2. We think beyond the delivery of our packaged products to ensure they are easy to use and less labour intensive.
  3. We adapt to our customers’ needs with a personal touch rooted in our family values.
  4. Our team is always listening to our customers and we pride ourselves on being highly responsive and adaptable.

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