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Vegetable Oil

Vegetable Oil

liquid fry shortening

All-vegetable cooking oil for maximum crispiness

Liquid Fry Shortening is a newly formulated blend of soybean oils that will produce appetizing, excellent tasting fried foods whether deep fried or griddle fried. Liquid Fry Shortening can be purchased in a standard bottle-in-box (BNB) or a heavy-duty pail that can be repurposed for other uses in your kitchen. The antioxidants are a combination of a natural preservative, rosemary extract with ascorbic acid (vitamin C). An antifoam agent is also added for safety during deep-frying.

Venus Superfine canola oil

High in polyunsaturates and omega-3’s

Venus™ Superfine Canola oil is a highly refined vegetable oil produced by Canadian and USA oilseed refiners. Among the most common vegetable oils, it has the highest content of mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids including alpha linolenic (ALA), an essential Omega-3 fatty acid. Venus Superfine Canola is a liquid oil that is suitable for salad dressings, wok frying and sautéing.

transition® sunflower oil

Vegetable oil with a high smoke point

Transition® Sunflower Oil is formulated with mid-oleic cultivars to raise the monounsaturated fatty acid levels to those seen in olive and canola oil. It’s high smoke point allows it to be used as a deep-frying medium and it imparts a light, neutral taste to cooked foods. Antioxidants and antifoam agents are added to extend shelf life. Sunflower oil by nature offers a non-GMO alternative to soybean and canola oil as there are no commercially grown GMO equivalents of sunflowers.

transition® palm

A solid shortening for frying and baking

Transition® Palm Shortening is a clean label vegetable oil bakery shortening manufactured from palm oil and fractions of palm oil. Palm Oil contains a level of saturated fat similar to animal fats, so it crystallizes readily at room temperature to a solid shortening. This votated shortening creams easily with baking ingredients making it suitable for the use in cookies, cakes, fillings and dairy substitutes. Transition Palm Shortening also works effectively in deep-frying applications.