The roots of our operation in Canada stretch back more than 100 years.

Bank Brothers Sustainable Ingredients (BBSI) is part of the Bank Brothers group of companies. We are a multi-generational family business with more than 70 years of experience focusing on adding value to key by-products of the beef industry. In 2017, the Bank Brothers family purchased Hubbert’s Industries to expand our operations while providing our customers and suppliers with the same level of quality and service we are known for.

History of Hubbert’s Industries

The story of Hubbert’s Industries dates back to 1899 when founder, Walter Hubbert, opened a butcher shop in Toronto, later setting up a small rendering operation. The company gradually expanded its operations and expanded its offerings to include blended beef shortenings, lard, vegetable oil, and vegetable oil shortening. More recently the company added equipment allowing permit bulk rail tanker receiving and shipping, achieved of BRC Certification (the first oil processor in Canada to do so) and added a full line of Halal Certified vegetable oils.