Canadian premium lard

Canada’s best choice for baking needs

Lard is used in baking applications to produce light, flaky crusts. Made from Canadian sources in Ontario and Manitoba, Canadian Premium Lard™ produces the flakiness that the best chefs seek for their pie crusts and pastries. It blends easily with flour and when baked, the lard crystals melt away leaving pastry flakes. Canadian Premium Lard is fully refined and deodorized so the distinctive flavour and aroma of lard is removed and the taste of baked goods fully comes through. There are no trans-fats and the product is high in oleic acid (similar to olive oil). A small amount of citric acid is added to extend the shelf life.

bakers lard

Equally useful for baking and frying needs

Bakers Lard™ can be used for baking, deep frying and making Mexican foods such as tortillas. As with our Canadian Premium Lard™, the fat is sourced in Canada and refined and deodorized to enhance the flavour of the foods being prepared. As with all of our pure lard-based products, there are zero trans-fats. When baking, it promotes flakiness in pie shells and pizza crusts. As a deep-frying fat, it is similar to beef fat in its ability to enhance the flavours of the food being cooked. Bakers Lard contains antioxidants to promote a longer frying life.

special blend

A traditional Québec frying fat

Special Blend is a lard-based frying fat combined with a small amount of beef tallow. As with our other pork products, it is formulated from deodorized Canadian lard making it suitable for both baking and deep frying. Antioxidants and antifoam agents are added to extend the frying life. This product is popular in Québec where it complements traditional Québécois cuisine.