What is the shelf life of your products ?2020-02-04T22:28:43+00:00
  • The shelf life for our products is one year from the date of production.
Do you offer private label items?2020-02-04T22:29:57+00:00
  • Yes. We produce private label products for a number of customers. Please contact us for further details on the minimum required product runs.
Why should I use animal fat over vegetable oils?2020-02-19T14:13:12+00:00
  • Animal fats products offer efficiency and convenience. For example, one 20kg cube of animal fat fills a standard deep fryer, whereas it would require 1 ½ 16L jugs of vegetable oil to fill a fryer.
  • Animal fats are generally more durable than vegetable oils and deliver a longer frying life. In fact, canola and vegetable oils were never meant to be heated yet have become popular for frying due to their low cost and ease of use.
  • When cooking with animal fats there is no cross contamination of flavor and they also enhance the natural flavor of the food you are cooking.
  • When cooking with animal fats, there is no cross contamination of flavour and they enhance the natural flavour of the food you are cooking.
What causes foaming in my deep fryer when using animal fat?2020-02-04T22:33:14+00:00
  • Animal fat is a natural fat and does not foam in a fryer. The main cause of foaming in a fryer is from the residue left behind from cleaning if your fryer is not totally rinsed.
Why should I filter?2020-02-04T22:33:45+00:00
  • Filtering of your oil should happen once per day to help extend the life of your frying oil. Crumbs from batter can fall into your fryer and settle at the bottom of your tank, causing them to burn and darken your oil and often adding a burnt flavor to your products.
Why should I clean my fryer?2020-02-04T22:34:36+00:00
  • Deep fryers should be cleaned once per week. This will help prevent carbon build up and help make your fryer more efficient (i.e. speed recovery time from batch to batch).