Hubberts pure beef dripping

A classic cooking fat that delivers beef flavour

Hubberts Pure Beef Dripping™ is a legacy product that has been made the same way for over 100 years. When a beef roast is cooked in the oven, beef fat is rendered from the meat. This fat collects in the bottom of the roasting pan and imparts a distinct flavour to the food. Hubberts Pure Beef Dripping is made this way by heating beef fat and recovering the rendered tallow. It cooks and improves the flavour of fish fillets, chicken fingers, pork cutlets, potatoes and vegetables. The dripping is lightly filtered so the fat is a pale, golden brown. It still carries a hint of beef flavour and aroma when heated and remains heat stable, therefore reducing the frequency of frying oil changes. No other ingredients are added so it is a clean label product.

fryers choice®

Enhances the flavour of deep fried foods

Fryers Choice®, similar to Hubberts Pure Beef Dripping™, is made from rendered beef fat. The product, however, is refined, bleached and deodorized in a way to make it suitable for commercial deep frying. The beef aroma and colour are removed so only the flavours of the food being cooked are tasted. Beef fat is approximately 40% saturated and 60% mono- and polyunsaturated fat. This adds stability during cooking so the fat does not break down as quickly during repetitive use. Antioxidants are added to extend the cooking life and antifoaming agents prevent foaming when foods are added to the hot fat.

multi-purpose shortening

A uniquely blended product that imparts a beef flavour

Multi-Purpose Shortening is a deep-frying fat combining the best features of Hubberts Pure Beef Dripping™ and Fryers Choice®. The fat is only partially deodorized so it retains a mild hint of beef taste and flavour. It is an excellent choice for making fish and chips and other fried foods. Antioxidants and antifoaming agents are added at a low level to prolong the life of the fat in deep fryers.

flavorplus shortening

Liquid beef fat for easy deep frying

Flavorplus Shortening™ is a unique frying fat created to combine the advantages of Fryers Choice® with the ease of handling vegetable oils. Beef fat is carefully blended with a small amount of refined canola oil and sealed in a Cryovac sleeve. Each sleeve weighs eight pounds and is specifically designed to minimize leakage and reduce oxidation. Just snip off the end of the package and add directly to the deep fryer. Flavorplus Shortening brings the same flavour to deep-fried foods that one would get with other beef fat shortenings. Antioxidants and antifoaming agents are added to extend frying life.